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Fujitsu MPG3-series



added changing the PCB?-FAQ.


Created an index-page for this branch and uploaded the emails additional to the snailmail.


Fujitsu MPG3204-AT-E

Fujitsu MPG3-series (PB-16 and PB-15H) HDDs like the MPG3204AT-E produced P2000-09/2001-09 may have an electronics defect that cause the media to be inresponsive and may cause the IDE-bus to stall. This is our case to recover the data. For any legal action in US see the HDD Class Action Settlement.

In a another case with an MPG3204AH-E involved that was carrying not that important data and had a 50% failing-rate at that time we actually cooled down the media to its lowbound ambient temperature (operating) (5°C) to sector-copy it on another medium. This worked because we observed the media to increase its failure-rate by operating time and recovering after being paused, thus the defect being heat-dependent.

changing the PCB?
… in our case failed. Fujitsu's statement: Could work, but does not have to. We used these PCBs (front, back).


  1. Fujitsu HDD Flash Utility, firmware version 80C2 for MPG3102AT and MPG3204AT (2001-02-22)
  2. HP Firmware Update Diskette for Fujitsu MPG3102AT and MPG3204AT Hard Drives version 1.00A (2001-02-23)
  3. {Fujitsu recovery-tool version 2.02A (2002-02-07)}


  1. Platinentausch MPG3204AT-TC
  2. Elektronik-Defekt: Fujitsu MPG3204AT-TC, S/N VH65P0C014SK
  3. Lieferschein
  4. Vielen Dank für MPG3204AT-TC, S/N VH65P0C014SK
  5. AW: Vielen Dank für MPG3204AT-TC, S/N VH65P0C014SK

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