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Scotland 2005

Media from the trip -12-27, -12-28, -12-29, -12-30, -12-31 is available (incomplete)

LRc Wandertag 2005-09-24

Pictures from the trip -09-24 are available

Fuerteventura 2005

Pictures from the trip -01-29, --30, --31, -02-01, --02, --03, --04, --05 are available

London 2004

Pictures from the trip -12-27, --28, --29, --30, --31 are available english.aljazeera.net

Broken DNS at icdsatt.net result in inaccessibility of http://english.aljazeera.net/


Position of driveway to Ernst Rohr GmbH Scharreler Weg 100, DE-30900 Wedemark.

find ./file-pattern -exec perl -p -i -e s/old-string/new-string/g {} \;

replace some string in a whole filesystem-branch


advisories, incidents, links, pgp


add, cool, new, random, search


Googleword, Gaststätte Kaiser, Philosophische Fakültät (Universität Hannover), Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg, Swing Ground®, Soziale Wohnraumhilfe gGmbH, Werbeagentur Ehrlichmann, Das Beste für Ihr Pferd, Tagua


xatrix kingpin

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photo of Jano John Akim Franke (jjaf.de)
Juu-nin to-iro [jp]


Acer AME-TG01, euro (EUR, €), GEZ, HTML, ISO, oracle, T-Online

ECI Telecom Hi-FOCuS ATU-R

links, memory-dumps, glossary, httpd, snmpd, telnetd


Fujitsu MPG3-series HDD

Casio Exilim (EX-Z4) firmware-explorer

travel: israel, kyrgizstan

private: Flugpostkarte, Martha Frieda Anna Grünzner Memorial, family Lederich (hochzeit), Sascha Sklarek, LR-Consulting


for sale



in memoriam 2001-09-11 World Trade Center (WTC) New York and Pentagon, Wahington, DC.
no war!

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