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Kyrgizstan 2001-07-15/2001-08-04

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The recently (2002-01-12) published article about Raubheirat in Kirgistan (Bernhard Kirfel and Mahabat Zadyrbek) which deals about Ala Katschu has started an emotional discussion. The only forum i know of is Kyrgyzstani in Germany. Other articles for print-media at least in DE are in the pipeline.

Most reactions are strongly negative as they call Mahabat traitor of her country or even a terrorist, only a few support it.

My view is that society behaviour and even tradition has to be disclosed and discussed if the people directly affected feel uncomfortable with the practice of it. A discussion of this issue seems to be impossible in KG itself according to the reaction here in DE alone. I support the fact of diclosure itself (but make no statement about the form of the article). Even other organizations like Soros have women's programs that have initiation of broad discussion and enhancement of public consciousness on problems of violence against women as their top-priority.

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