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While playing around with the OpenGL-vars to fix an ATI display-problem i came across a strange one that states:


binding textures to triangles

When trying that it reminded me of the last scenes of the film Matrix.


So how does it look like? Here is an example. The the screenshot-tool was used to make a picture.
screenshot: xatrix kingpin matrix-mode on [VL]-server


Since there's no toggle gl_nobind in Quake 2 the code matrix-mode.txt gets rather long and there are 3 occurences of the binding-key you have to tailor if the standard key x does not suit you.

// jjaf.de kingpin matrix-mode

ECHO "--- jjaf.de matrix-mode 1.0.0 ------"
ECHO "update on http://jjaf.de/kingpin/matrix-mode/"

// function -----
alias matrix_mode_on "set gl_nobind 1; vid_restart; bind x matrix_mode_off"
alias matrix_mode_off "set gl_nobind 0; vid_restart; bind x matrix_mode_on"

// key-binding --
// watch the key-binding above too!
bind x "matrix_mode_on"

// READY -----
ECHO "------------------------------------"

Install by putting this file in your …\main\-directory and typing exec matrix-mode.txt in console. You should get the following resonse:

execing matrix-mode.txt
--- jjaf.de matrix-mode 1.0.0 ------
update on http://jjaf.de/kingpin/matrix-mode/

You can then use x to do toggle matrix-mode.