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This is a refurbished version of the original readme/tutorial supplied with the original package of $edonium's inferno-mod 1.5.

how to use the Radar

normal scanner

This is the normal scanner graphic. The blue dot in the middle is you, the other dots are the enemies. If the dot turns red, the player is in destruction mode, if the dot turns white, the player is in ghost mode.

enemy beneath

When the enemy is beneath you, there is a small arrow under the enemie's dot.

enemy above

If the enemy is above you,there is a small arrow over the enemie's dot.

new items and symbols

destruction mode

This is the destruction mode. Type destroyer into the console to activate it. Then you have 10 seconds, after them you are going in a high explosive mode, one explosion follows the other, and after another 10 seconds, you are dead.

flame absolving power armor

The symbol for the flame absolving power armor. It costs $800, but then you need not worry about flamers, with that power armor, flames don't hurt you any more.

ghost mode

The ghost mode symbol. When you find the ghost mode pack, you are invisble for 30 seconds.

upgrade level (UL)

The upgrade level (UL) symbol. You can buy 3 upgrade kits for your weapons, when you bought upgrade kit #1 then u are in the upgrade level 1 (UL:1). Weapons are shooting with more power and more speed with such upgrade kits. The cost depends on the UL

antimissile symbol

The antimissile symbol. When you bought an antimissile pack, no more homing missiles will follow you. It costs $300 but is very useful!

buy menu

Buy menu

Buy menu: Here you have the choice between many menus. Press the number 1-4 on your keyboard to select them (key 8 is exit).

Upgrade menu

Upgrade menu: Here u can buy the 3 upgrade kits. With those kits, your weapons shoots faster and with more damage. You need the first Upgrade kit to buy the next one. For the upgrade kit #3 you need upgrade kit #1 and #2. (press key 8 and you are in the Buy menu again)

Equipment & tools menu

Equipment & tools menu: Here you can buy the anti-missile pack (press key 1) With this pack, no more homing missiles are following you. It costs $300 but it's very useful!

Armor Upgrade menu

Armor Upgrade menu: Here you can buy the flame absolving power armor (by pressing key 1). With the armor, flames don't hurt you anymore. Expensive but very useful!

Utilities & more menu

Utilities & more menu: Here you can buy many utilities. Press the key 1: then you buy some rats 2: you buy a laser barrier (stay close to the wall when you buy it!) 3: you buy the jet pack,type use jet pack to fly arround. 4: then you buy dynamite,it explodes by typing explode into the console, or after 30 sec. 5: you buy the magic pipe. The magic crowbar has more power, and a range of 1km, it also has new effects. 8: go to the previous menu.

how to get money

In this mod, it is very important to find money, because you can buy many utilities with the cash.

cash symbol

This is the cash symbol in the left corner of your screen. It shows the current cash you collected.

cash bags

There are some cash bags in the map, find them pick them up and you will get $100.

$100 cash, when you kill an enemy

You get directly $100 cash, when you kill an enemy. Behind the dead guy there are $20, too. Grab them before anyone other does it!

console commands

This modification has many console commands.

utility activation and misc.

destroyer The destruction mode is activated.
buymenu The grafic buy menu is activated.
buy list command list for the buy-items in the console.
spray sprays a logo onto the wall (stay close to the wall for this).
bubble selects the bubble trail effects for bullet weapons.
missile activates the missile-mode for rocket launcher.
sniper sniper mode with special crosshair and zoom mode.
mod list all inferno commands on the screen.
rocket selects the rocket trail effects.
grenade selects between normal and c4 grenades (type explode to detonate).
explode all c4 grenades and dynamites you set explode now.
lights switch all the lights on/off.
use jet pack activates the jet pack to fly.
bullet set bullet sprite effects (blood bullet and normal bullet hole).
timeleft shows how many time is left until map changing.
mapinfo shows the current map, how long it was played, and the next map.

buy items commands

buy laser buys the laser barrier.
buy rats buys a bunch of rats.
buy magic buys the magic pipe.
buy jp buys the jet pack (type use jet pack to fly).
buy c4 buys c4 dynamite.
buy flamearmor buys the flameabsolving armor.
buy antimissile buys the antimissile pack.
buy upgrade1 buys upgrade kit #1.
buy upgrade2 buys upgrade kit #2 (needs previous UK).
buy upgrade3 buys upgrade kit #3 (needs UK#1 and UK#2).