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In case you didn't notice the current URL in the headline: After Monkey changed his URL from http://monkeymod.com/ to http://monkeymod.kingpin-central.co.uk/ without any previous notice and installed forwarding there was another transition, but with forwarding this time. The former wrapped URL http://www.monkeyh.clara.net/ also ceased service and is now http://passthe40.com/mm/. What a mess!

This site will have an archive of all monkeymod-versions (server and client) soon, so stay tuned!

jjaf.de has learned from Monkey Harris that:

the monkeymod.com domain expired, it's at monkeymod.kingpin-central.co.uk now. I probably wont release another monkeymod, but I've passed the monkeymod source onto tical TiCaL (icq-# 67740063) to continue with it.
[…] i dont really play kingpin anymore. i still have it installed for the occasional game tho :)

information bits

Some bugs can be found in (older) versions of this mod, like where do you get 101 health-powerup?
screenshot: player having 101 health
Same symptom seen by [VL] (Vatos Locos) with 103 health:
screenshot: player having 103 health
Or what about these strange false low scores sometimes?
screenshot: false low scores on intermission