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When i noticed the news about Perfect Bullet's Biggest Screenshot on kingpinforever.com and having seen lots of screenshots showing irrelevant stuff i decided to make a screenshot tool, that will produce photo-pictures.

Due to its customizability it can be useful for players, admins (for proof screenshots), mappers and map-reviewers. This utility got reviewed by kingpinforever.com

This is an example showing irrelevant items.
screenshot-thumb: xatrix kingpin PowerMod-map 'K9Courtyard-power' by {K9}Creamator from kingpinforever.com


All the following items is taken care of by switching them off for the screenshot and back on again after that:

Additionally a message can be displayed in upper left of screen to identify the screenshot by typing e.g. set prefix_message "Thugs in space (outerimits2.bsp) by Velvet Jones" in console.

The code can easily be tailored to your needs e.g. leaving player hand and/or HUD on for new modification-screenshots. Or you can do binds for setting the description to predefined texts (e.g. heavy fighting, depositing, respwan-camper, cash-exploder!) by setting the prefix_message and making the screenshot with one keypress.

The current local time is also displayed under the description and can be switched off too.


So how does it look like? Here are some examples. The utility was also used to produce the matrix-mode-screenshot.
screenshot: xatrix kingpin DM-map 'sick city' by Cole Savage chasing [BEER]sadouk using screenshot-utilityscreenshot: xatrix kingpin bagman-map team towers: dragons safe using screenshot-utility

This tool was already used to generate some material for a problem-report to ATI Technologies Inc.
screenshot: xatrix kingpin OpenGL rendering-errors ATI RAGE 128 WIN 98 SE 4.13.7078 using screenshot-utilityscreenshot: xatrix kingpin OpenGL rendering-errors ATI RAGE 128 WIN 98 SE 4.13.7078 using screenshot-utility


// jjaf.de kingpin screenshot

ECHO "--- jjaf.de screenshot 1.1.0 -------"
ECHO "update on http://jjaf.de/kingpin/screenshot/"

// crosshair -----
alias crosshair_off "set crosshair_bak $crosshair; set crosshair 0"
alias crosshair_on "set crosshair $crosshair_bak"

// chat -----
alias chat_off "set con_notifytime_bak $con_notifytime; set con_notifytime 0"
alias chat_on "set con_notifytime $con_notifytime_bak"

// hud -----
alias hud_off "set scr_hud_bak $scr_hud; set scr_hud 0"
alias hud_on "set scr_hud $scr_hud_bak"

// console-messages -----
alias console_off "set msg_bak $msg; set msg 9"
alias console_on "set msg $msg_bak"

// hand
alias hand_off "set hand_bak $hand; set hand 2"
alias hand_on "set hand $hand_bak"

// message -----
set screenshot_spam "http://jjaf.de/kingpin/screenshot/"
set prefix_message ""
alias show_prefix_message "chat_on; clear; echo $screenshot_spam; echo $prefix_message"
set postfix_message "<click>"
alias show_postfix_message "chat_on; echo $postfix_message"

// time -----
alias show_time "time"

// wait -----
alias wait10 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"

// parts -----
alias screenshot_prefix "hand_off;console_off;hud_off;crosshair_off;chat_off;show_prefix_message;show_time;wait10"
alias screenshot_go "screenshot"
alias screenshot_postfix "chat_on;show_postfix_message;crosshair_on;hud_on;console_on;hand_on"

// trigger -----
bind F11 "screenshot_prefix; screenshot_go; screenshot_postfix"

// READY -----
ECHO "------------------------------------"


Updated versions are welcomed to come back.

Install by putting this file in your …\main\-directory and typing exec screenshot.txt in console. You should get the following response:

execing screenshot.txt
--- jjaf.de screenshot 1.1.0 -------
update on http://jjaf.de/kingpin/screenshot/

You can then use F11 to do a screenshot.

You can use the following variables to base your script on this one:

variables provided



sample content


spam-line: first line upper left screen-corner, can be set to "" to be deactivated.


screenshot-description: second line upper left screen-corner, can be set to "" to be deactivated.

sick-city by cole savage

indication for screenshot-completion, will not be included in the result, can be set to "" to be deactivated.


alias show_time

alias that includes time-display on shot, can be set to "" to be deactivated.