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Notice to Valve Half-Life (Counterstrike) admins and users

To the people looking for the Valve Half-Life (Counterstrike) speed hack/cheat (these keywords have been in the search engine before):

I am getting an increasing number of hits (300+/day) on my site from members of your community looking for info and or download. This site has not been designed for Valve Half-Life Counterstrike but Xatrix Kingpin. We had this problem before you, last year 2000-09.

As of my knowledge theres a server side patch out, at least running on Demon UK Half-Life-servers. So admins use it!

Dont't panic and relax, look out for secured servers, you will need them in the future anyway as more is to come, and read the forum for news.

The behavioural rules and some general parts of this FAQ do apply though. Enjoy the game, not the cheats! If you are serious you are invited to our community, no speeders here.

So no further CS-speed-related info or download links for users.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Fri, 2 Feb 2001 17:33:18 +0000
"Malcolm S. Muir" <Malcolm@demon.net>
[Games News] Half-life Patched

Beta patches preventing users of the "speed cheat" have been tested and installed on all the half-life servers. Initial feedback is good, with people reporting no "speed cheat" players so far.

It is worth pointing out that this is a beta patch and as such might not be perfect, although it does seem to be working very well indeed.

Hopefully this will be the end of what was turning into a terrible time for all the legitimate players out there.

Demon Gamesmaster

Malcolm S. Muir                                   Demon Internet Ltd.
Sunderland                                        322 Regents Park Road
England                                           London N3 2QQ



This FAQ is neccessary because i get a lot of questions about the speed-hack. This page should answer all your questions. If you have further questions or comments, that do go further and stating that you have read this FAQ you may feedback me for discussion.

I also posted a link to this page on the kingpin-forum on skynet.be.

Note: If you encounter other people in game asking about speed-hack, please route them to http://jjaf.de/kingpin/speed-hack/.



Q-1.1: What is the speed-hack?

The speed-hack enables the user to set a speed for his movements that can be lower or higher than the standard speed. You can download a demo of a cheater named "redbull" using this. There you can see one weakness of that cheat too, it's navigating through narrow doors. You can see him standing and looking around for getting a "position fix" (GPS-vocabulary) again.

To play the demo, move it in your kingpin/main/demos-folder and use

demomap redbull.dm2

on console or have a look at Kingpin Console Commands

Q-1.2: What is the advantage of this in the game?

IMHO there's no advantage for the lower speed, but for higher speeds there are a lot: Being too fast for ...

Q-1.3: Do you use it in game?

No, i do not and did not. I used it and am using it for demonstration purposes only.

Q-1.4: Why don't you use it in game?

It spoils the game! Leaving the players that don't use it standing alone when others using it - thus cheating - running away e.g. with their safe-money. It also lowers the realism i like in kingpin. Having the advantages described in Q-1.2: What is the advantage of this in the game? leads to disadvantages of players not using the hack or using it at a lower speed. These disadvantages are not appropriate.

Q-1.5: Is it available for other players?

Because all previous preconditions for publishing the hack are met i do so in Q-5.1: How is it done?.

Previously there was a reason for not publishing it, but now as there is a (really simple) countermeasure in Q-2.1: How can i secure my server?, theres no need to make a secret about it.

According to the hacker ethic, ethics of hacking (de) there's a moral rule for making all information free, but this is standing behind the belief of making a system better when for example spreading weak-spots. In this point in time i believe it will better the system to make this speed-hack internals public, because it will force the server admins to apply the countermeasures, so that they can really decide if they want fast players or not. So information is free for everyone. This email prooves this:

Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:34:17 -0500
"jjaf.de" <kingpin@kingpin.jjaf.de>
"Brian J. Stewart (IT Coordinator)" <brian@BSManagement.com>
just wanted to say Thanks.
<> <> <>

I read your dialog with [RWA]Lara and was quite amused by Lara's attitude.

I have admin'ing and pimping the Kingpin seen for almost 2 years, when you got the demo release.

If I had not been given your LINK to the speed-hack, and then further contacted Monkey Harris -- the speed hack would STILL be virtually unfixed on servers.

Server admins from my experience are a lazy bunch. Set it up and forget about the server running on your LInux box at the college dorm. Naturally an unmaintained server is shit. Can you say KPDM1-5. Can you say stock KP? What's the point. This is a game to be enjoyed, you should enjoy the game and participate if you run a a server. It makes the community grow.

This weekend I posted a big news release on the speed hack 95%-fix (2 line cfg change), and the 100% fix for those running MonkeyMod 1.25+ or HitMen 1.5C. Amazing how many "active" admins and players emailed thanking me for alerting them to the problem.

Feel free to post my above on your website. Should spark some further debates :)

Issue #2, i see your (cryptic) note about the lockup-and-overflow-problem.

Is this a client hack for corrupting servers? or just some bad net-code in KP that "could" be fixed at the MOD level??? Have you been working on this, or Monkey Harris to resolve?

I can't find Monkey's URL -- has he posted the SOURCE CODE that MODers can insert into their mod to fix it 100% ??? I know he worked with Rat from Athrophy after I alerted him to the problem. Sure would be nice if that was posted, so i could further promote the fix and get all the other MODs updated.

Thanks again.

Brian Stewart aka Truzenzuzex[BC]
-- coordinator for several "[BC]" KP/SoF/ST:EF dedicated gaming servers
-- we host MORE custom maps & skins than ANYONE else!
-- LIVE deathmatch statistics updated every hour!
-- http://CAP-N-YO-ASS.poisonville.com/ or http://skip.to/bc

Q-1.6: Where did you "obtain" the hack?

I did it for myself.

On 2000-09-13 someone who asked me to delete his name here told me about these people running like hell named "roadrunner" and "porsche". The same night i encountered two people using that as a cheat in bagman, raiding my teams safe and speeding my rockets i fired after them. After they spoiled the game, "winning" beacause of this i decided to find out how they do that. I had an idea before but until that night no motivation to follow it. It did not take long for me to get the solution and demonstrated this on the then emtied same server not interfering with the game.

Q-1.7: When was this first used?

As of my knowledge the first complaint was filed for player redbull on 2000-09-04T22:00+01:00, but this is probably not the first time.

Q-1.8: Were you allowed to publish this hack?

This is an ongoing controversy.

Latest (2002-07-09T07:47:50) quote by NeWFnlou in Kingpin-Forever-Forums: Community Chatter: Kingpin Images is:

Yes, jjaf.de should always be remembered as the fellow who initially pointed out the speed-cheat exploit and the one who additionally provided the community with the fix. He is a true hero to the KP community in my book, and one who never received the proper recognition he deserved. That's my 2 cents.

You can find a contra-censored discussion about that on kingpin-forum on gameplay.com: Speed cheat - Jaff.de - VOTE NOW PLEASE!.

Other people like me see it as a mod and are requesting a seperate server and mod for it like on WoDgEr WaBiT: u WaNt SoMe SpEeD? where you can vote on Would you like a server where you are able to use the speed hack? and see and leave comments on the voting.

Q-1.9: Are there other links on this subject?


Q-2.1: How can i secure my server?

Countermeasure is really simple, contributing to the simplicity of the hack. You have several choices. Just make shure to include the following line in your server-configuration (e.g. server.cfg) or enter them on the server-console:

set fix "speed" s

This line is to make public that you fixed it so users can filter using the rule described in Q-4.2: Where do i find speed-hack-secure servers?. If you have other fixes then concatenate them in arbitrary order seperated by semicoli (";") like the following

set fix "speed;suicide;vote-ban" s
  1. A quick fix is to include the following line in your server-configuration:

    set sv_enforcetime "1"

    Demon UK did already so do it now!

  2. For kicking capability and more install jjaf-admin currently running on [BC]'s cap-n-yo-ass, AKL and other servers. This project covers this issue and is developing in others.

    This product is based on BW-Admin which was created by Vincent Sweeney (zarjazz@barrysworld.com), who has icq-# 1273771 icq Vincent Sweeney.

  3. You can also install monkey-mod 1.25c or higher which like kingpin bagman enhanced project also includes suicide-protection, which is important for bagman-servers disallowing cheaters running in enemy safe, stealing 200 credits, doing suicide by kill-command instantly and thus destroying this money for the game (most important for the enemy team).

    Monkey Harris icq-# 18241560 icq Monkey Harris has a page and shortcuts to download links to his latest version for windows or linux.

  4. No protection in favour of jjaf-admin has kingpin bagman enhanced project version 1.2.0. You can have a look at the project-page, which features configurable dropable money or read the release notes.


Q-3.1: How can i enable the players to find my secure or otherwise featured mod?

If we want the players to find our mods in for example gamespy, we have to include quasi-standard server variables. In my own mod i used "fix" to identify the "vote ban"-fix.

By doing this, players can easily filter servers by giving a rule that says:

"fix" does contain "vote ban"

There are other variables i used, please have a look at the release notes for that.

Q-3.2: Where can i find the speed-hack-detection code?

If you would like to implement speed-hack-detection in your mod then you should contact "Monkey Harris" for this.

Q-3.3: How should i implement speed-hack-detection?

Make it configurable, letting the admin decide if it is detecting and preferably at what speed (timescale > timescale_max) it fires it's event and publish that server variable for players to filter their server lists.

Be aware of a transparent mod like BW-Admin your mod is forced to use as shell, having it checked twice if you force a check and admins running a player for speeders only wanting to use the other features of your mod exept speed-hack-detection.


Q-4.1: I want other people to stop cheating with this! When will it stop?

It will stop now! Just give the server-admin the information found in Q-2.1: How can i secure my server? or even better route them to http://jjaf.de/kingpin/speed-hack/.

Q-4.2: Where do i find speed-hack-secure servers?

If you are using gamespy you may add a new tab and give it a rule like the following.

"fix" does contain "speed"

screenshot of gamespy Edit a rule

Q-4.3: Where do i find speeding servers?

Obviously you have to avoid servers on the list generated by Q-4.2: Where do i find speed-hack-secure servers?. There is also some evolving guidance for developers in Q-3.3: How should i implement speed-hack-detection?.

You can use an explicit server:

Claranet Kingpin Speedhack Server

IP; game main; 16 players

kingpin speedhack/cheat

A lot of fuss has been made about the Kingpin spped hack. This enables people to move at faster than normal speeds in the game. Obviously this is a cheat if you are the only person doing this. However some people like this and thinks that it adds an extra element to the game. Therefore I have left one server on spectrum.clara.net with the speedhack still allowed. The other two servers, zx81.clara.net and gs1.uk.clara.net have the speedhack disallowed. If you would like to try the speedhack you can get ot from here and information about it here.

Also it would help to set the rule that if you are speeding you append the suffix ".speed" to your name. With this other players willing to compete will find you using their user-searches/buddy-lists featured software, you show that you are not cheating, using speeding secretly and it does seperate your stats from the other game-types.

I am aware of the problem of long names though, hiding the suffix in highscore tables, only showing in console command skins or even not allowing to suffix anymore. So if you have any comment on this plase tell me.


Q-5.1: How is it done?

You can find the whole, very simple hacking process on this seperate page (due to pictures). Previously survey on definition of camper is completed and has not to be answered.

Q-5.2: Where can i get it?

Download the altered kingpin.exe from fileplanet.com

Read Q-5.1: How is it done? to understand how it works and how you can use it.


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