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xatrix kingpin speed-hack FAQ Q-9: How is it done?

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This hack is so simple, i can not believe it. Some of you that were trying to hack it too might DOH! now, but i hope this description will encourage you to hack something else by your own.

For a quick start or if you crashed your kingpin.exe go directly to the altered kingpin.exe

Note: This is only a part of the whole FAQ.

the way and the instructions

If you take a look at your kingpin-filesystem or some pages in the net you get the impression that kingpin gets some of its dynamic behaviour by variables. So you start thinking:

What variables are there?

To find out what variables are there, one way is to explore your kingpin-filesystem and have a look at the configuration-files that i mentioned above and make a list of variables in there and have a look at some pages in the net and add the information found there, there you also find commands to actually list variables on your client console like the following:

flushmap "0"
map_noareas "0"
sw_draworder "0"
r_drawflat "0"
timescale "1"
- ipx_clientport "0"
- ipx_hostport "0"
- clientport "31501"
276 cvars

What do they influence?

You then try to figure out what the meaning of them is by their name, alter them and try if you can find an effect either in the field you suggest or you let them altered, doing everyday things and someday find out, what they do because you trip on a situation where they are relevant.

So lets see what we have up there. There is one variable name timescale there. You start thinking again and remember the physics from school – or i don't know where you get this information from:

speed = way / time

In german physics that reads:

v = l / t


So lets play around with this. You alter that by giving it an reasonable value for it. If it is a factor in the above quotation then doubling it would show something. So you type:

]set timescale = "2"

… but nothing happens. Hmm. Maybe the system did not alter it, you check:

"timescale" is "1"
]set timescale "2"
"timescale" is "1"

Ok, the system does prevent you from altering this variable. This is an alerting signal! This has to be special. So the path is to get this altered by some way still don't knowing if it will do anything.

altering the hard way

So you start thinking again, who is responsible for this alter-prevention? You have not found any clues in the configuration files like the follwing:

allowalter timescale "0"

So lets look where it is used by using Microsoft Windows supplied file-search-utility, looking for files with occurances of timescale.

searching for timescale

We can ignore ~\main\gamex86.dll since this is the server-part of kingpin which in multiplayer-mode is supplied by the kingpin-server over the net, being a mod or the original one, leaving us with kingpin.exe.

So as we are about to have a look at this and maybe alter the file me make a backup first, remembering the old Sierra Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of Lounge Lizards (part 1 of Larry; CGA- and 5,25"-360K-floppy-time)

Save early, save often!

So lets grab our Windows-supplied hex-editor (hey, didn't you know that you don't have to buy Norton disk-editor for that?) EDIT, and open the original kingpin.exe – because maybe we want to try someting on public servers using gamespy and are lazy enough to not alter gamespy-configuration too – and using search to look if we can find timescale in there.

Note: This is sometimes tricky with EDIT compared to another hex-editor, because you can decide the width of lines for wrapping and if a word is wrapped you can not find it with search, so you have to try parts of it (like always when you can't get any result for a keyword, try that) or use another line width.

We get two occurances of timescale there one is shown here:

edit kingpin.exe timescale

So not to make this article too long here i only note that you can figure out that the value in front of the variable name is the actual value given and that you could alter that and it will show an effect, but has the disadvantage of still having a fixed value. So i skip that.

You start thinking, if one of the occurances is the setting i mentioned above, that inhibits any change. So we alter the first occurance overwriting it with _imescale and leave the second untouched:

Note: Make sure to use overwrite instead of insert, not to shift the rest of the line to the right. You will crash your kingpin.exe when saving this. This means, press your ins(ert)-key for getting a block cursor like in the following screen, get of the t of timescale and press _, thats it.

edit kingpin.exe _imescale

Save this, the resulting file must have the exact size of the original one. If you get any strange behaviour like kingpin.exe becomes a blue and white dos box or does need CHRU]uPE¬h.DLL you were able to find the correct result of the altered kingpin.exe on fileplanet.com. Since they delteted the file you have to request it via mail.

test alteration

Join a server, preferably your own. If you don't have a server use a public one but read and consider Q-5: Why don't you use it in game? first!

Note: Read Q-13: Where do i find speed-hack-secure servers? to avoid secure servers. Personal Firewalls like ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm should alert you that a new version of an executable wants access to the internet, if not consider an upgrade.

In the game do the same check we made to find out if timescale can be altered.

"timescale" is "1"
]set timescale "2"
"timescale" is "2"

Hey, we made it! So lets run around a bit. See the difference? The expectation was right.

what's next?

If this is a factor, so try out some other values and see if you can cope with it. It makes you faster, but what other advantage can you think of?

Wasn't there another way of altering your speed in kinpin before, just normal and intended use, no cheat? Yes its walking. So why should one walk instead of run?

It has the advantage of being silent, so your enemies don't hear you coming or going, so their attention is not attracted by you and all of a sudden you stand right next to them leaving them no chance to react since they think a much greater area is clear of players. But it has the disadvantage of being slow

Note: You can find this behaviour in every armies field manual. So i am doing this in kingpin too, some people misunderstand this as camping or something else, maybe they do not know. But most people are just disappointed of being killed.

But wait, we got a tool to set out speed to almost anything we want, so theres no real disadvantage of walking, leaving the advantage of silence.

This is truely not the end of it but it is the end of this article. If you have any suggestion or comment please cont@ct me.