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A rarely used console-command in even the original kingpin that is available on all mods i know of is drop. You can use this command to drop:

The first item was taken care of earlier. Now the other two are covered by this script. It lets you drop these things easily by binding keys to drop the weapon or ammo currently selected by the script.

The code can easily be tailored to your needs e.g. modifying the messages displayed.


Updated versions are welcomed to come back.

Install by putting the following files in your …\main\-directory:

The use-hmg.txt- and use-gl.txt-parts are necessary because the corresponding weapon-names (heavy hachinegun and grenade launcher have spaces in them. Spaces in variable-content can not be processed by stored procedures. Maybe that's why in Quake-3 there are less scripting possibilities.

To activate the script type exec use.txt in console or put that command in your autoexec.cfg. You should get the following response:

execing screenshot.txt
--- jjaf.de ammo 1.1.0 -------------
update on http://jjaf.de/kingpin/use/

You can then use F1F8 for weapon selection, r to drop your weapon, d for current and f for all ammo. Dropping single weapon or ammo also does a team-message like Take my Rockets !.

e requests selected ammo by doing a team-message like I need 308cal !

You can use the following variables to base your script on this one:

variables provided



sample content


currently selected weapon

heavy machinegun

currently selected ammo