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Apache (7)
configuration of the popular webserver
DECT (2)
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DOS (2)
disk-operating-system (DOS)
DSL (31)
T-DSL; ADSL; asymetrical digital subscriber line
DVB (1) new
Digital Video Broadcasting
Data-recovery (6)
tools and info for recovering lost, crashed or deleted data from different media.
GSM (26)
Global System for Mobile Communications
HTML (26)
Hardware (23)
hardware information and support
ISDN (19)
integrated services digital network
Internet (34)
internet tools DNS, traceroute, ping, whois ...
JAVAScript (18)
Javascript clippings
Linux (16)
MacOS (5)
Apple MacIntosh OS based systems
Netware (4)
Novell Netware
Newton (19)
Apple Newton MessagePad series. Hope they will be continued :-)
Organizations (3)
internet administration and regulation
PHP (6)
PHP(3) manuals and scripts
PJL (2)
Printer Job Language, e.g. what to do with HP printer's status display.
Perl (25)
Products (15)
Support-area for special products, covering drivers manuals, FAQs, email-contacts
SMS (10)
Ursurping Short Message Services.
SQL (13)
Structured Query Language
SSI (1)
How to use Server Side Includes
Security (53)
Security in the technology domain
Software (103)
preferably freeware
Software-development (19)
VRML (1)
Virtual Reality Modeling Language
Visual Basic (9)
and CGI programming in VB
WAP (7)
wireless application protocol
WDRCC (10)
Links mit Bezug auf den WDR-Computerclub (R. I. P.)
WLAN (6)
Wireless LAN applications/hardware, securing WLANs, VPN over WLAN
Webcontent (40)
Infos That Can Be Integrated in a Website.
Windows (38)
Microsoft Windows


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