† Wolfgang H. Franke

jjaf.de protested the US/IQ-war by setting HTTP-503 ("Service unavailable") to human-readable-content P2003-03-20/-04-15 (did i mention that 23 and 5 are near?), substituting it with the flash-art by die-denker.de. There is no need to protest to machines – unless they are from domain .mil.

ErrorDocument 503 /no-war.htm
RedirectMatch 503 (.*)\.html$
# Include Retry-After-header or
# it will be regarded as HTTP 500!

Thanks go out to Mr. Ewen Buchanan (UNMOVIC) for fast response, no-thanks to the Botschaft Kuwait for no response at all for the same subject. Nonetheless, USCENTCOM corrected some initial assessments on the use WMD during this war. The latter organzation was fun, ranging from important news via some level 15 access-servers, the web-directory of phone, email and OU-information and providing IQ-people and the world with free promotion of CH-made Ascom 21 Thuraya-phone in favour to the US-model by Hughes. I wonder if anyone called or sent an SMS for free(!) to +88216-21123239 to surrender. Their press-staff (LCDR Stephen J. Franzoni) was very responsive too, but lacked the quality-assurance by allowing the Federal News Service continue to mess it up.

No war!