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privacy policy

about me

This is the privacy policy for Jano John Akim Franke (jjaf.de) site. The site on the web is located at http://jjaf.de/. The full human-readable text of the privacy policy is available on the web at http://jjaf.de/privacy/.

The machine-readable files complying to Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P)-specification are:

  1. policy reference

  2. policy

You are invited to contact me if you have questions about this policy. You may contact us by mail at the following address:

Jano John Akim Franke
Gerhardtstr. 5
DE-30167 Hannover

You may contact us via the feedback-form or call us at +49-171-9555108.

dispute resolution and privacy seals

We have no privacy seals or other assurance mechanisms.

data collection

Collected data is click-stream, HTTP-protocol elements and search-terms for the purpose of site administration, completing the user's current activity and research and development. This data will be given to ourselves and our agents.

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