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european currency EUR €


There's more data on a euro-banknote than the value. This site will provide an open-source script that can give you more information on a banknote given a S/N or lot-number summing up all knowledge about the issue.

serial-number (S/N)

The S/N consists of a letter-code for the issuing country, a 10-digit number and a check-digit:



The location is similar on all denominations:

EUR 5 banknote back __________ __________


The short-code consists of a letter-code for the printing-works, 3 digits, another letter and another digit (this code-example corresponds to the S/N-example above):



EUR 5 banknote front __________

EUR 10 banknote front __________

EUR 20 banknote front __________

EUR 50 banknote front __________


EUR 100 banknote front

EUR 200 banknote front

EUR 500 banknote front


Currently this site is collecting data about the codes on the cash:

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